• Are you a female entrepreneur?
  • Are you ready to trust and own your intuition once and for all
  • Do you want to stop hustling for clients and call in your soul mate clients with ease
  • Do you want to accept your gifts and allow them to take centre stage?
  • Do you want to be free of the fear of being different and be fully immersed in your divine feminine flow?

​Introducing The Witches Portal

The Witches Portal is a monthly subscription membership for female entrepreneurs who are ready to embrace their feminine and create magick and miracles in their business.


At just £44 per month with a 14 day free trial so no risk at all to come give it a try. 


  1. This is for you if you want:AA
  • A community of female entrepreneurs supporting one another on their journeys.
  • You want to finally accept who you are.
  • You want more freedom in your business, because you are finally using your intuition and not cutting it off.​


It is time to let the Inner Witch out to play and finally come out of the woo woo closet.


When I stepped into my gifts and fully owned my intuition this is what happened:


  1. I started attracting more clients and business opportunities because I trusted what I was feeling and knew when to reach out and contact people.​
  2. I made more money than ever before in my business.  I went for £0 to £6k months in 4 months.
  3. I no longer feared being judged for who I was.
  4. I have created a business that flows with ease and gives me freedom to take time off when I want.  No more burnout or forcing things to happen.

What is included in your membership

Each month in the portal you will get

  • Monthy Training

    Each month there will be a training and Q and A held in the Facebook Group to develop your skills.

  • Resources

    PDF and workbooks to support your development.

  • Private Facebook Group

    You will have access to a private group for support with like-minded women.

  • Moon Rituals

     To connect you fully to yourself and manifest your desires, connecting with the Moon energy.

  • Live Business Readings

    Got a burning question on your business?  Sheila will go live once a month to support you.

  • Meditations

    An essential part of your spiritual journey and these will support your growth and complement the trainings, short-cut your route to success and listen to your intuition and get intuitive downloads.


Katie's experience of Sheila's trainings

About Your Resident Witch

Sheila Kadeer - Spiritual Leader and Business Intuitive


Sheila Kadeer is a Spiritual Mentor and Business Intuitive for purpose driven professionals and entrepreneurs who are ready to grow their businesses and embrace their gifts and passions so they can own their soul's calling and step into their spiritual and intuitive power.


She has been working spiritually for over 30 years and has been guiding students in developing their gifts for 20 years.  


As an accomplished marketing professional within the IT and communications arena, she managed a multi-million-dollar portfolio of high-tech products.  She holds the CIM Diploma in Marketing and a Diploma in Management Studies. 


She is an NLP Master Coach and accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management in Coaching and Mentoring. Trained as an NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist she combines therapy and business strategy to facilitate amazing transformation in her clients.  She also incorporates past life, ancestral and future life work to add an extra dimension to her inner work that creates immediate and lasting change. 


A former police officer, Sheila became one of the first Specially Trained Officers dealing with victims of serious sexual crime to be appointed within her force.  Leaving the force after 11 years due to chronic back pain from wearing protective equipment she became a Private Investigator and has trained as a Psychic Detective.


She is regularly featured in the media with her psychic work for her accuracy and has appeared as a celebrity psychic on Psychic Today on Sky TV.  She has been a radio host on A1R Psychic Radio and Moonstruck TV.  She is the author of The Sensitive Soul Oracle Cards and co-author of the kindle best seller Born For This! The Journey To Success in Life, Love and Business.  Her psychic superpowers and her ability to identify blocks and limitations make her an obvious choice for supporting your inner transformation.


When she is not working, she can be found running around the country investigating the paranormal and is currently creating her own Tarot deck which will be released this year.  She runs a wellness company with her daughter and is the proud owner of a rescue husky who takes her on long walks in the forest.

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